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We encourage other sustainable, non-toxic farming, including eco-farming, biodynamic farming and other high conscious farming methods, as well as cert. organic farming.

For Weston A Price eating guidelines - see

These food resources are also compatible with the Slow Food movement .

Remember, as consumers, every time we buy anything, we vote with our dollars!


Bari Caine is now in Reno, NV! This page is continuously being updated and revised !!!

We have compiled a full list of local food sources - pastured eggs, meat, bones, etc --

if you would like the current list, please contact Bari Caine at: blue [dot] sky333 [at] att [dot] net


Shopping Guide - from WAPF - if you don't already have one, I highly recommend it!

there is now an app available from WAPF -

or - Order from -- see "Order Materials" on right hand side of page.



Great Basin Community Food Co-op  - - (775) 324-6133 

240 Court Street, Reno, NV 89501 -- at corner of Court Street and Flint -

They are located at Flint and Court Streets, one block east of the Lake Mansion on Arlington.


Store Hours -
open 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. Everyday!


note - BE AWARE --- PARKING at the co-op - Right now the co-op has a very limited parking lot with 5 spaces and 1 space for handicap access. PLEASE BE CAREFUL when parking on the street - there is some free parking on the street, AND there are also some meters on the street - you need to feed them Mon thru Sat -til 6 pm.

Also, there is some free parking on the street in the next block south -

PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE LOTS OF SURROUNDING BUSINESSES Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm, you will be towed.


Whole Foods Market - 775-852-8023

6139 S Virginia St Reno, NV 89502

So. Va St. at Neil Rd.


New - Natural Grocers - now open - 775-448-9828

4819 Kietzke, Reno NV 89502

between McCarran & S. Va - in mall next to TJ Maxx ----


Trader Joe's Reno (775) 826-1621
5035 S McCarran Blvd, Reno, NV 89502

Trader Joe's Carson City (281) 775-267-2486
3790 US Hwy 395 S, Carson City, NV 89705


Really, Free- Range EGGS in Reno -

Note: BEWARE ! Cage-free eggs/ hens are usually NOT Really Pasture-Raised/ Free- Roaming
and "vegetarian-fed" or soybean fed is not a natural, healthy diet for hens.
Commercial eggs that have Free- Range printed on the box are usually NOT Really Pasture-Raised/ Free- Roaming, because there is no legal definition for Free-Range - and so the term is very often used deceptively!!!


and for more info.


Some of the eggs at Great Basin Community Food Co-op are Really, Really Pasture-Raised/ Free- Roaming -
-and some are NOT - see above caveat! -- you might need to ask the Co-op staff exactly which are which.

note: even Really, Free- Range Eggs usually still get supplemental feed - WAPF recommends gmo-free and soy-free feed, if possible.

- some hens are fed ORGANIC supplemental feed -
which means that the feed should not contain gmo's, or been treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers, etc.
- ask the Co-op staff if they're not clearly marked which are which.

- Whole Foods Market has some Really, Free- Range Pastured Eggs --
- again, some hens are fed ORGANIC supplemental feed - those are marked "organic" ---- Update -- they now also have Pasture Verde pasture-raised organic eggs by Vital Farms, which have received a very high rating by Cornucopia Institute -- see

Natural Grocers - has some pasture-raised organic eggs - but not rated as high by Cornucopia Institute - see -- eggs vary by how many hours per month they are actually outdoors,, as well as other factors.

also see Farmers Markets - below -

Really, Free- Range MEAT in Reno -

- ALL meat and bones at Great Basin Community Food Co-op are
from Really, Free- Range, Pastured animals -

- Whole Foods Market has Really, Free- Range, Pastured meat - some is 100% grass-fed and organic - and some is not - ask at meat counter

- Natural Grocers - has Really, Free- Range, Pastured meat -

also see Farmers Markets - below -

Soy-free, corn-free, pastured eggs in Reno - Tracie's Eggs
Tracie's Eggs - 813-2209
if interested, pls contact her for more info.

Soy-free, corn-free, Chicken Feed - Tracie's Eggs
Tracie's Eggs - 813-2209
if interested, pls contact her for info.

Really, Free-Range Chicken - Pastured Broilers soy-free --
they have various delivery drop-off points in Calif, including Truckee and occasionally in Reno.
Chaffin Family Orchards, Oroville, CA 95965
530-370-6432 Cell
530-533-1676 Ranch Office




Liverwurst - Braunschweiger - Beef Head Cheese - and other organ meats and other hard to find meat items - [mail order]


Nuts + Seeds - WildernessFamilyNaturals - [mail order]

-- Soaked and Dehydrated Nuts and Seeds are USDA Certified Organic by ICS (International Certification Services).

These certified organic nuts and seeds have been soaked as Sally Fallon, the Weston A. Price Foundation and others suggest, and then dehydrated at low temperatures.

They also have lots of other great products!

PS - Whole Foods also has some sprouted sunflower and pumpkin seeds


Freshly Ground Flour - from SPROUTED Grains - [by mail order ]-
they also have sprouted beans and other sprouted grains - including gluten-free -


Nourishing Traditions Kit for Homemade Baby Formula
- available by mail order from Radiant Life Co.

Parents are grateful for the Recipes for Homemade Baby Formula when breastfeeding is not an option or must be supplemented.

The kit ingredients correspond to the Feeding Babies section of Nourishing Traditions on pages 598-603.
see -




CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - weekly local organic produce basket -



Farmers Markets

Garden Shop Nursery Farmers Market – - UPDATE - FEB 2016 - NOW BACK again --

PLS contact them directly for more info -

Please check to verify current info, as sometimes there are changes -

---2016 Winter /Spring hours: Indoor farmer’s market every other Sunday from 10AM to 2PM - Fall-Winter-Spring - check to verify current info - ]

Contact Phone: 775-813-6505 or
775-322-TREE (8733) - 775-322-8733 --- Address: 3636 Mayberry drive, Reno Nevada 89509

----- Farmer’s market has natural produce, natural meats, local eggs, locally roasted coffee, nuts, crafts, and more.

Nevada Farmers Markets Directory - check to verify current info - some of their info is way out-of-date and no longer accurate!

Nevada Certified Farmers Market Association - NCFMA
has regulations that assure that consumers are receiving produce directly from the farmer.



Lost City Farm is an urban farm in Reno -- Nov. 2015 - They are now looking for a new location.


Check website for farm stand days and hours of operation




Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), the grassroots alternative to certified organic

To learn more about CNG, or to find a CNG-certified grower near you, visit:

Or, if you are a small-scale farmer interested in gaining CNG certification and building community with like-minded farmers in your area, visit:



More Food Listings: coming soon!

We always appreciate help updating our local Food Buying Resources List - including any info about farming practices used, what the animals are eating, any additional info, etc.

If you could send the name, address, phone, email and website of your favorite food sources, plus any additional info you have about the products, items, store or farm, that would be a big, big help! Thanks!




I've been using J.R. LIGGETT'S OLD-FASHIONED BAR SHAMPOO for 8 - 9 years - I like it a lot -


Now in stock at Natural Grocers - at a good price -- 4819 Kietzke, Reno NV 89502 - 775-448-9828 -
In the past, my personal favorite has been the Original Shampoo Bar 3.5 oz

They also have -- "ULTRA BALANCED" Bar Shampoo

also at Whole Foods - in stock, or by special order

more PRODUCTS: coming soon!





- even though some cheeses are labeled "raw" some of them aren't really raw!!!

some have been heated high enough to kill enzymes & defeat the reasons we buy raw cheese!

Ditto with "raw" almonds - they may be mislabeled!


Unpasteurized Beers –

coming soon!


Reno Homebrewer - Beer and Winemaking Supplies, - also cheese making supplies

2335 Dickerson Road, Reno, NV 89503 (775) 329-2537
FAX (775) 329-8124

The Reno Homebrewer hours are:

Tuesday — Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday — 10am-5pm - Closed Sunday and Monday






i am not on FaceBook,
but Sharon has made one for our local area - NourishingReno/Tahoe -
if you're on FB, pls become a fan (click like) and take a look!
you can search NourishingReno/Tahoe on FB to find the page.
and pls tell your health-conscious friends!




 More listings will be added soon!


Note: Organic foods are best, but remember that just because something is Organic doesn't mean it's good for you!!!

Examples of foods that are NOT RECOMMENDED, EVEN IF ORGANIC are cold, boxed cereals; round puffed rice crackers; soymilk, tofu & many other soy products; flour that has been sitting at room temperature; and other products - be an informed consumer! see and read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon ( see




We appreciate your help in sourcing high- quality food. If you have any updates, feedback or suggestions for this page, please send to Bari Caine at: blue [dot] sky 333 [at] att [dot] net (close gaps) - - - to contact Bari, see Reno listing at -

Note: Organic Lifestyle/ Bari Caine is now in Reno !

More new updates coming soon!

Contact Bari Caine at: blue [dot] sky333 [at] att [dot] net