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Diabetes: Prevention and Treatment - Important Cutting Edge Information That Your Doctor Probably Won't Tell You!! with Dr. Barry Groves of UK –see Click to Play Show
Hear I LOVE BUTTER! and other great Songs!
with Patty Kakac and Jodi Ritter of The Granary Girls!
includes Red Red Rooster song and more!
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Dangers of Water Fluoridation!!! with Dr. Barry Groves of UK, author of Fluoride: Drinking Ourselves to Death -see and Click to Play Show
Raw, Live, Enzymatic, Probiotic Milk & Dairy Products ! Part 1 with Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy Company in Fresno, Calif -see and Click to Play Show
Raw Dairy, Part 2 with Mark McAfee see and Click to Play Show
Deceit & Lies Surrounding The Meningococcal B Vaccine : Is it necessary??? Does it work??? Is it safe??? and why has NZ spent $200. million on it??? with Ron Law -Co-author, with Barbara Sumner Burstyn, of The Meningococcal Gold Rush -see Click to Play Show
Bowel Health! with Rob Wait of Lillipad
The habitual use of sitting toilets may lead to serious ailments, including: hemorrhoids, IBS, prostate disorders, appendicitis, colon cancer, pelvic floor prolapse and many other serious conditions.
Switching to the squatting position often prevents or reverses many of these health issues!!!
see and
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Building a Healthy Immune System, the Natural Way! Learn which common foods break down your immune system and which ones build it up! with Bari Caine Click to Play Show
International Recipes & Cookery! Bari Caine  talks about some favorite international foods. Dana Burns talks about delicious Korean food. She  also shares some fascinating information about organic farming in Korea and Japan.  Song: Korean blessing sung by Alicia and Zuri Burns Click to Play Show
The Granary Girls sing
Songs of the small farmers, and
songs of the prairie & of the earth -
Listen to: I'm Just A Farmer, Burying Tree,
Paynesville 37, Greening of the Hills -
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Weekly Farmers Markets at Riverton - also Dunedin.
Plus learn about other great organic co-ops and food shops
in Gore, Riverton and Invercargill.
Hear German Harvest Song sung by Alicia and Zuri Burns,
and celtic instrumental music played by Adam Guyton
of Riverton and Chris Jenkins of Invercargill.
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Quark - Dickmilch - Clabber -
with Anne Mckibben -
includes German song, sung by Anne
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Soymilk, Tofu and other soy products – Important info! also see: -
Song: Alicia Burns
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Childbirth: The Home Birth Option - Speaking about safety, health and wellbeing for mum and baby! Guest: Maggie Banks is a home birth midwife, researcher and author living in NZ - see Click to Play Show
Christmas Show 2005 - we'll talk about delicious Nourishing Traditions Christmas dinners and hear some beautiful Christmas songs sung by Sean Arkless. Click to Play Show
Dec. 2005 - Holiday Show # 2 - More Christmas & New Years Holiday Songs & Greetings!
- we'll talk more about traditional food and customs and hear some more beautiful songs sung by Alicia and Zuri Burns, Sean Arkless, and an instrumental piece played by Anna Cannon.
We'll also have Holiday Greetings & wishes from past & future guests!
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Communication Skills with Toastmasters Dave Rohan, Darryl Brown, Dayle Belcher, Rob Wardell -Humans are "social animals" --- and good communicationis a key element for our happiness and success in life! Learn how Toastmasters meetings can help you to become a more effective communicator ! NZ contact phone 0800 PEOPLE (736 753) -  and see for worldwide info. Click to Play Show