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Organic Lifestyle/ Bari Caine is now Reno, NV

Contact Bari Caine at e-mail blue dot sky 333 at att dot net (close gaps)

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Bari is now in Reno, NV

More updates coming soon!


OrganicLifeStyle Singing & Song Sharing!

We are collecting happy, upbeat Songs, Stories and Tunes -

from any country, culture, language -

for Old-Fashioned Fol-de-Rol and Wholesome Fun - Laughter - Good times

with Traditional Instruments, including Washboards, Spoons

and acoustic instruments of all kinds -




Upcoming Reno Area Events:



Old Time, Bluegrass, Folk, Celtic, etc. tunes will be the focus.
- - Sorry, NOT a place to showcase originals!

Location: Mountain Music Parlor - 735 S. Center St.- Reno

also - "TRAMP House" in north Reno
More information ~ email -
or call - 775-348-4692

and see -



from Bari - " I like songs and stories that are POSITIVE and UPBEAT !"

As they say . . . . Laughter is the best medicine.

Don't Worry Be Happy

Yes, the time is right to create more lightness, relaxation, playfulness,
happiness and laughter in our lives."

We will be posting some fun events soon !


Exciting Update! Our Radio Programs are now posted on this website !!!

Now everyone can listen online anytime, from anywhere in the world!!!

More shows will be posted soon, as well!

To listen on-line Any Time - click here.




We will be posting some fun events soon !

Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome!



Music & Songs - CD's:

The Granary Girls have several CD albums which include some wonderful Nourishing Traditions/ WAPF-type Songs!

Some of their great songs are: I Love Butter, I'm Just A Farmer, Red Red Rooster, Rain, Come Hear Me Now and many more. They also do live concerts, song writing workshops for children and adults, etc.


and to hear them on-line Any Time click here.

also hear other singers, including Alicia and Zuri Burns singing songs from different countries in English as well as other languages.