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If your group, organization, school, or church wants a speaker on our fascinating and important topics, please contact Bari Caine at: blue dot sky 333 at att dot net (close gaps)

Bari is a Traditional Natural Foods Advocate and Independant Researcher; also the Reno Chapter Leader, Weston A Price Foundation®

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2014 Update - Reno, NV Speakers -

Our Current Speakers:

Bari Caine - Reno Chapter Leader, Weston A Price Foundation®
-- see Reno listing at -

Sharon Miller – NourishingReno/Tahoe - Traditional Foods Educator

Gillian Ferranto - Gardnerville Chapter Leader, WAPF® - see


Radio Show - Featured Guests - Upcoming & Past Shows:


Dr. Barry Groves of UK, author of Fluoride: Drinking Ourselves to Death - see

Dr. Barry Groves of UK, author with Doctorate in Nutritional Science - Topic: Diabetes: Prevention and Treatment - Cutting Edge Information That Your Doctor Probably Won't Tell You!! - see

Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy Company in Fresno, Calif - and - Phone: 1-559-846-9732 - Topic: Raw, Live, Enzymatic, Probiotic Milk! also see

Ron Law - Independent Risk & Policy Analyst with 20 years experience as a medical laboratory scientist, including 10 years as a clinical biochemistry lecturer, 5 years as a university business management lecturer, including research methodology, and more! Topic: The Meningococcal B Vaccine - Is it necessary?? Does it work?? Is it safe??

Rob Wait of Lillipad - Topic: Healthier toilets!?!? What are squatting toilets and why should we want to know about them??? Comparing modern sit down toilets to squatting toilets. see

Dr. Mike Godfrey, MBBS of Tauranga - Topic: Meningococcal Meningitis and other Health Issues; Natural Prevention and Therapies

Sally Fallon - Topic: The Politics and Economics of Food - see

Bari Caine - discussing: Building a Healthy Immune System, the Natural Way! Learn which common foods break down your immune system and which ones build it up!

Yvonne McDonald, Homeopath - Invercargill - 03-214-5251 - Food and Health

Lorneville Freedom Eggs - Lorneville RD 6 - (03) 235-8577 - Topic: REAL Free- Range Eggs

Robert Guyton - Ph: 03 234 8717 - <> - Topic: Mahika kai - Restoration of land for food and material resources at Te Koawa Turoa o Takitimu

Robert Guyton - Ph: 03 234 8717 - <> Topic: Enviroschools - Action projects for children! Hands-on learning for a sustainable future!


Radio Southland 96.4FM -

03 218 9891 - -



Radio Show - Songs & Music on our Shows:

Alicia and Zuri Burns singing songs from different countries in English as well as other languages.

I Love Butter - song by Patty Kakac from her audiocassette called "Patchwork" - contact her at P.O. Box 63, Evansville, MN 56326 - phone (US) 001-320-834-5222 - see

Patty Kakac and Jodi Ritter of The Granary Girls have several CD albums which include some wonderful Nourishing Traditions/ WAPF-type Songs! Some of their great songs are: I Love Butter, I'm Just A Farmer, Red Red Rooster, Rain, Come Hear Me Now and many more. They also do live concerts, song writing workshops for children and adults, etc. - see